Things to Do During Spare (If You Don’t Have a Car)

Megan Klak, Staff Writer

Many students bemoan the fact that there isn’t much within walking distance of MAC. There are actually quite a few things to walk to on spare if you don’t have a car…
1. Quan’s Cafe, right across from Quiznos (if you keep walking past the Husky you will get to it). This is a great Vietnamese place. My favourite dish is the chicken curry and my friends love the pho.
2. Bliss Baked Goods — check out the new bakery right by the World Health center.
3. After grabbing a donut, go to Good Stuff, a consignment store near the new bakery. The clothing is a bit expensive, but you can find some cool items in there or just look around. The shoes in particular are pretty nice.
4. Walk to the Telus World of Science and go see an IMAX film (check that the time lines up with your spare) or a traveling exhibit (there is an Indiana Jones exhibit coming soon).
4. There is always Second Cup, Quiznos or Panago.
5. If you have a spare before or after lunch, you’ll have enough time to walk to the shopping center (turn right at the Telus World of Science corner and go past Ross Shep to get there). It isn’t the best, but there’s a Tim Hortons there. We take what we can get.


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