Lions and Tigers and Universities—Oh My!

Megan Klak, Staff Writer
Edited by Victoria Chiu

It is now the time of year (why why why so early?!) when we must decide the Future of the Entire Universe. Or that’s what it feels like. What we actually have to decide is what university we want to apply for. Ack.

Remember one key thing to preserve your sanity: You can change your mind. Seriously, you can. You can change it next year, when you realize genetics is impossibly boring and you switch to computer programming instead, or you can change it in ten years when you decide to move to Prague and become a photographer.

So, keeping that in mind, here are some university stats.

(Courtesy of Maclean’s 2014 Canadian Universities Guidebook, which is really helpful). For your convenience, here are the top 15 Best Canadian Universities by National Reputational Ranking:

  1. McGill
  2. Waterloo
  3. UBC
  4. Toronto
  5. McMaster
  6. Alberta
  7. Queen’s
  8. Western
  9. Simon Fraser
  10. Guelph
  11. Sherbrooke
  12. Ryerson
  13. Victoria
  14. Dalhousie
  15. Montreal

I’ll focus on the universities most of us are going to be applying to. According to Maclean’s:

U of A—avg. entrance grade: 86.6% (totally depends on program though). Avg. tuition: ~$6428 (don’t take that as gospel, depends on program, classes, etc). Apparently the U of A has also received more 3M National Teaching fellowships than anywhere else in Canada, which is pretty remarkable.
MacEwan—min. entrance grade: 65% (COMPLETELY DEPENDENT ON PROGRAM—65% for arts, science and commerce, 75% for engineering. Please look this stuff up on your own). Avg. tuition: ~$5622. This is becoming a bigger university every year, and has some really interesting courses—one of which is Music Technology II.
Calgary—avg. entering grade: 84.1% avg tuition: ~$6508. There are 717 residences are saved for first years, and a double room with meals: $6296-$7911. One of the few places in Canada that offers Veterinary Medicine.
UBC—avg. entering grade: 89.6% (depends), avg. tuition: $5529. There are 3218 residences reserved for first years, double room with meals: $7798-$8614. A really cool program they have is International Economics.

For the Artsy:
Emily Carr—avg. entrance grade: 77.8%, avg. tuition: $4643 (plus housing and food—there are no residences). You are required to submit a portfolio. Coolest part: you can go abroad for third year to places like the École des Beux-Arts in Paris (EEK!) and Berlin University of the Arts…!!!
ACAD—avg. entering grade: 80% avg tuition: $5310. No residences, but you can apply to stay at the SAIT residences. This is an interesting arts/fine arts combination university where you can take courses in everything from jewelry making to creative writing.

For the Insane:
University of Toronto—avg. entering grade: 85.5% avg. tuition: $7087. There are 4650 residences reserved for first years. Double room with meals: $9884-$13481. They have an incredibly competitive Commerce degree program.
McGill—avg. entering grade: 90.3% avg. tuition: out of province: $7904. There are 3110 residences reserved for first years. Double room with meals: $12218-$14418. World renowned. Cool course: Arab Woman’s Lit.

I haven’t included any colleges because the guidebook information about them is very limited. REMEMBER TO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. University applications are starting soon or have already begun. Keep calm and apply!


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