Weekenders Feature: Edmonton Expo 2014

Victoria Chiu, Editor

You know and I know that MAC is full of nerds. And that’s definitely not a bad thing—the opposite, really—especially when events like the Edmonton Expo come around.

If you don’t know what the Expo is, it’s basically a huge nerd-fest spanning fandoms and niche interests of all kinds. This year, it runs from September 26-28 at the Edmonton Expo Centre. Anime, Sherlock, Star Wars, BioWare, obscure Tumblr artists you’ve never heard of but are suddenly in love with, Deviantartists who blow your mind, comics on comics on comics…you name it, someone there is probably into it and wants to talk about it with you. There are great cosplayers walking around and celebrities available for photo ops and autograph sessions (for a price). If you’re cheap like me, there are also a ton of different free panels to go to once you’ve paid for admission. The possibilities are endless (I mean, they’re limited by the selection that year, but bear with me).

This year, Big Bang Theory actors Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg were advertised as headliners of the convention, along with appearances by Alice Cooper, Jessica Nigri, Jim Beaver (for all you Supernatural fans) and a host of other media guests.

Since the first year of its inception, the Expo has expanded from one hall to five (and the food prospects have gotten exponentially better). There are more booths and merch than ever, so head down to the con and nerd out—and if you miss it this time, there’s always next year.


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