Humans of MAC—10.31.14

Michael Bautista, Staff Writer
Featuring Buena G.


“Do you have any hobbies?”

“I like to dance.”

“What inspires you to dance?”

“When I dance, it’s just me and the music. There’s really nothing to it, and you just go with the flow. It casts my troubles away.”


An Interview with…Mrs. Larochelle (Part One)

Deborah Yee, Editor
Featuring Steven Tian
Edited by Victoria Chiu

Since this interview took a significant amount of time, it was necessary to chunk the interview into two articles to fit it in. During this interview with Mrs. Larochelle, we talked a lot about herself and her background.  It may be useful to know before reading the interview that Mrs. Larochelle was a teacher at St. Rose, a junior high I once attended.

DEBORAH YEE: This is your first time teaching high school.  Is it any different from teaching junior high?

MRS: LAROCHELLE: I just find the kids a little more mature but other than that I don’t find it very different from junior high. I like the longer classes and I like having four classes per day. I really like the level we are at with Shakespeare and the novels. That’s more the level that I like to be at for discussions. But other than that I find it very similar to St. Rose.

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An Interview with…Mr. Stauffer (Part One)

Victoria Chiu, Editor
Featuring Phteven Tian (with a PH)

An interview in which we talk to Mr. Stauffer, a.k.a. Stauff Stuff. We spend gratuitous amounts of time talking about what to do with an injured knee, why he thinks DQ Blizzards of the Month are disgusting, and spray tans. Be forewarned: this is probably one of the most random interviews you will ever read. It will also be one of the longest, and as such will be broken into several parts and presented in multiple installments.

VICTORIA CHIU: So, how much time do you have? Five minutes, ten minutes…?

MR. STAUFFER: Eh, as much time as you want, although I will warn you I’m in a horrible mood. (Laughs)

STEVEN TIAN: First question! How’s your knee?

Heh…ironically, the doctor says the one thing I wasn’t doing I should have been doing. I’m usually so bad with sports injuries. I’ll get sports injuries and I’m at, like, the epitome of guys who will aggravate and re-aggravate and then it goes back into—

Steven: I nearly got my left leg amputated two years ago.

What?! Why?!

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Cross-Country Provincials

Megan Klak, Staff Writer
Edited by Victoria Chiu

We recently sent our top runners to the provincial competition! The six students who represented our school at the races are:

  • Ryan K.—Junior Boys (26/122)
  • Connell A.—Intermediate Boys (66/118)
  • Dane P.—Intermediate Boys (11/118)
  • Anna D.—Junior Girls (26/124)
  • Rachel K.—Senior Girls (55/110)
  • Bethlehem (Betty) T.—Senior Girls (40/110)

Congratulations to all our runners!

Humans of MAC—10.17.14

Michael Bautista, Staff Writer
Featuring Vadeem G.


“When have you felt the most alone?”

“I gotta say it was that time during that math test when I felt the most alone. Sometimes when you take tests, you’re just sitting there with your face down with a question: how do you find the equation for this parabola? At that moment you lose all hope because you know you should’ve studied the night before, you know you won’t get into engineering, and you have nothing left to do but cry because this one parabola is just messing with you. I think that’s something MAC kids share. They’re just too stressed about math, and we should be, but damn—I didn’t get that question right anyways.”

Student Union: MAC’s Planning Committee (October 2014 Edition)

Navneet Chand, Staff Writer
Edited by Victoria Chiu

Archbishop MacDonald’s Student Union organizes most of the communal activities that occur at the school. Some exciting events that we should look out for is the fall dance, which is sure to be a hit with the grade 10’s due to the massive influx of grandiose from past attendees. Not to mention that most of the people who attended previous years wouldn’t want to miss it! This year, the fall dance will take place on Friday, October 24. Remember, doors open at 7:00 PM and close at 9:00 PM; the dance will end at 10:00 PM. Also, the Halloween pumpkin-carving contest (which will definitely might get messy) will surely raise some eyebrows and receive tremendous support with all the hearty MAC Halloween spirit. So come out at lunch on both October 28th and 29th—it’ll be celebratory fun for all grades!

Humans of MAC

Michael Bautista, Staff Writer

Humans of MAC is well under way, and posts will be made directly onto the Facebook page every week as well as on the main Macsource site. This project, which is modeled after Humans of New York, will be running all year, so keep the interviews coming! The ultimate goal of Humans of MAC is to create a greater sense of community within our school through the sharing of personal stories, interesting opinions, and weird personalities. Keep an eye out for our weekly posts, because we’ve got some interesting stories coming your way!


An Interview with…Mr. Delpercio

Janice Jacobs, Staff Writer
Edited by Victoria Chiu

JANICE JACOBS: How are you finding MAC so far?

MR. DELPERCIO: It’s good. Students are very driven and goal oriented, and they care about their marks.

How long have you been teaching?

16 years—6 years at St. Mark Junior High, 10 years at Romero, and now here.

What are you teaching this year?

All social studies. Social 10, 20, and 30.

What is your favorite subject outside of social?

Outside of social? Math I’m no good in, science I’m no good in. Phys. ed, sports.

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