Minding Other People’s Business—International Mindedness Club

Navneet Chand, Contributor
Edited by Victoria Chiu

Their mission is to eradicate poverty through the education of children in developing countries and empower their citizens to be self sustaining. This is the main purpose of the International Mindedness Club.

“IM is about raising awareness, and knowing that this could be you and your family [dealing with poverty],” says IM executive Eyarusalem. They want MAC students to be aware of how developing countries function through dedicated humanitarianism in our everyday lives. We must strive to balance our time and money to change these people’s lives due to the fact that we are an interconnected, global village; in this worldly mosaic, everyone must have the chance to be painted with dedication and care.

“International Mindedness Club is basically about—not only raising money—but also about raising awareness for issues that are going on around the world,” explains Betty, another IM executive.

A forthcoming school event that we should be looking forward to is Mini WE Day, which is taking place on Wednesday, November 19. Also, there are weekly bake sales in support of this wholehearted cause, so bring your money!

International Mindedness executives Betty and Eyarusalem are this year’s committee leads for the “Raise The Roof” campaign, which raises donations through a talent competition. All the money raised will be donated to “Free The Children— children helping children through education”. For more information, visit www.freethechildren.com. Anyone interested in showcasing his or her talents is courteously welcome. They need all the support that they can get.


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