Volunteering and Service Hours

Brynn Lewis, Staff Writer

To all those who are drawing a blank on what they’re doing for the wonderful religion requirement known as “Mandatory Volunteer Hours”—never fear, Macsource is here. Thanks to the help of Mrs. Roth, we have a long list of possible organizations in Edmonton that you can volunteer with. Some will want you for a day, others will want you for a year, and the organizations span a really wide spectrum of Things You Can Do. There’s something for everyone! Remember that the more you are involved now, the more doors will be open to you in the future…

Good luck and don’t forget to write that reflection.

Possible Sites for Christian Service

  • My Volunteer Page
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Edmonton International Film Festival
  • Alberta Health Services (Cross Cancer Institute, etc.)
  • GEF Seniors Housing
  • Filipino Society for Growth and Change
  • Alberta Society for Asian Popular Arts (ASAPA)
  • Churches
  • Archbishop MacDonald High School
    • Drama Dept.
    • Ed. Dept.
    • Open House
  • Former Junior High &/or Elementary
  • Dogs with Wings (puppy cuddler)
  • All Hospitals (U of A, Misericordia, Royal Alex, etc)
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Fort Edmonton Park
  • All YMCA’s (William Lutsky YMCA)
  • YWCA
  • Senior Citizen Centres (Capital Care Lynnwood, Covenant Health Youville Home)
  • Christmas Bureau
  • Olympic Swim Club
  • Edmonton Food Bank
  • Festival of Trees
  • Bissell Centre
  • Hope Mission
  • WIN House (Edmonton’s women’s shelter)
  • Terra Centre
  • YESS (Youth Empowerment & Support Services)
  • Telus World of Science
  • SPCA
  • Edmonton Humane Society
  • Touchmark
  • Salvation Army
  • Philippine Barangay Performing Arts Society
  • Different Summer Camps
    • Camp Harmattan
    • Other
  • Fringe Theatre Adventures
  • Terry Fox Foundation (volunteering not running in the race)
  • Community Organizations (ie. Coaching a community team)
  • Zebra Child Protection Centre
  • Edmonton John Howard Society
  • City of Edmonton (leaders in training, river valley clean-up, swimabilities volunteer, Edmonton Public Library, etc)
  • JDRF (diabetes foundation)
  • net
  • Taste of Edmonton

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