The Government Within MAC

Aoife Jones, Staff Writer
Edited by Victoria Chiu

Within MAC there is a hard-working group of individuals who contribute to making your high school experience “one of the best times of your life.” This group is better known as the Student Union, or SU, whose duties involve planning events from the start of the year, with MAC It Up, and ending off the year with MAC It Out.

SU executive positions are elected the previous year in April by grade 10’s and 11’s. These positions, along with the current individuals who hold the positions, include:

  • President: Makda Mulatu
  • Vice President, Internal: Gauhar Ali
  • Vice President, Exeternal: Genna Di Pinto
  • Treasurer: Ola Sultan
  • Secretary: Paris Morin
  • Sports Representative: John Dyck
  • To apply for one of these positions, you require at least one year as an MAL (member at large). MAL’s are handpicked by the current SU during October of each year. Every grade has a few selected MAL’s to allow each grade’s opinions to be heard.

    Grade 10 MAL’s:

  • Jill Harrington, Pierra Angotti, Eunice Gatama, Aimee Cherise
  • Grade 11 MAL’s:

  • Dante Stack, Tamara Radovic
  • Grade 12 MAL’s:

  • Evelyn Izsak, Naveel Salman, Julia Valdemarca
  • Additional SU positions include:

  • Tech Representative: Zach Wasylenko, which is acquired if you are the head of the Tech Team
  • Fine Arts Representative: Aoife Jones, which is acquired if you are head of Music Council
  • SU is there to be the voice for the Student Body, to plan exciting events from dances to theme days, and to be the reason why you remember your years at MAC! Keep in touch with your MAL’s and executives to allow for your ideas and critiques to be heard!

    Check out SU on:

    Facebook: MAC SU or
    Twitter: @OfficialMACSU or
    Instagram: @MAC.SU
    Snapchat: MAC.SU


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