Upcoming ReDesign Day

Brynn Lewis, Staff Writer

This upcoming Wednesday is going to be busy! From 9:00-10:00 AM there will be MAC’s second ReDesign Day. Flex sessions will be offered in everything from fitness to reading comprehension. You can sign up on PowerSchool, but hurry—some sessions, like one on learning to POI spin, have already reached maximum capacity. Remember: taking a flex session is mandatory.

From their flex sessions, students will be called down to attend Mini WE Day, which will last from 10:00-11:48 AM. There will be a band and guest motivational speakers from the actual WE Day and performances from the choir, glee club, and dance team. Theatre students will also perform a musical number called “Steam Heat” from MAC’s upcoming production The Pajama Game. Lunch will last a regular length from 11:48-12:32.

The afternoon schedule is a short version of regular classes. It will go as follows:

Block One—12:32-1:14
Block Two—1:16-1:58
Block Three—2:00-2:42
Block Four—2:44-3:26


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