How To: Find a Winter Formal Dress

Mariah Barnes, Staff Writer

The winter formal approaches! It’s less than a month away, and the school’s already buzzing with thoughts of dresses, dates, and carpools. While the last two categories are tasks that are too daunting for this columnist, the first is more than suitable for a tad bit of advice.

Whether it’s your first year as a MAC student, the first dance you’ve chosen to attend, or just an evening that makes your mind whirl with fashion flops and wardrobe malfunction possibilities, a little knowledge about a proper dress pick should come in handy.

First off, even though the dance is called a Winter Formal (“formal” being the operative word here), ball gowns and full-out tuxes aren’t the status quo. A nice, knee-length dress with flats should serve you perfectly for an evening in the Atrium. If you’re feeling a little dressier, a short pair of heels can work wonders for fulfilling your princess needs—just make sure you can do a hundred jumping fist-pumps comfortably before swearing by them.

As for the dress itself, that’s all depending on your comfort level, dancing style, and body type. Wearing a dress that’s skin-tight and exposes your God-given gifts may make you feel like a goddess or completely scandalous. While looking beautiful and jaw-dropping is a must for the average girl, make sure that even if you look hot, you feel beautiful. Don’t wear a dress that will make you feel nervous all night. This panicky sensation can come from feeling out of place, or disregarding the itinerary for the evening. Sure, a strapless dress may look fantastic, but if you’re the type to get right in the middle of the MAC version of a mosh pit, you might end up showing a little more than your wicked moves. Preventative measures aren’t always a bad thing, girls. Opting for an ensemble that entails some straps may be an evening-saver—plus you won’t have to pull up your neckline all night! And while delving into the ludicrously over-done notion of “dressing for your body type” may be overrated, keep it in mind nonetheless. Petite girls may look better in something with poof or ruffles, while those who are curvier might enjoy something more slim-fit.

Enjoy the dance, my lovely ladies, you’ve earned it! Good luck on finding that perfect outfit!


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