How To: Live a Balanced Life

Mariah Barnes, Staff Writer

The constant struggles of a high school student are quite simple; it’s all about finding that comfort zone being studying the mitochondria being the “powerhouse of the cell” and binge-watching an entire season of American Horror Story—it’s about balance.

And finding that sweet spot is quite difficult sometimes. A friend of yours may study for a math quiz for six and half hours and not even be fazed by it, while your brother refuses to study and plays World of Warcraft all day long. What works for you? What will give you the most happiness while giving yourself the results you crave?

My suggestion is to play it by ear. If you’re one who cannot handle stress, make sure you leave enough time to study—with lengthy breaks in-between sessions—to keep your composure. Make sure you take time to enjoy life too, though. If it’s family movie night and your head feels as if it’s going to pop all your ill-timed cramming, go and have some fun! Life isn’t all about giving; it’s about taking as well. So take a break. Sleep in that extra hour on a Sunday morning. Go grab some over-priced food at the mall with your best friend. Bask a little when you can, and work so you feel as if you’ve earned a double scoop at the Marble Slab.

Perhaps you’re one who thrives on stress. You have two math tests and a social essay this week? Not a problem. With enough elbow grease you’re confident you can get it all done. Yes, this will probably result in a heavy dose of procrastination, and maybe some caffeine for those eleven o’clock study marathons, but you’ll get it done one way or the next. Just make sure you don’t run yourself ragged. All that relaxing time and then solid studying is going to send you for a loop. What if you study two days before your exam? With your ability to study for long periods of time, two or three hours of hard work a day won’t murder your brain or cause another dreaded all-nighter. Spread it out a little more. You can still have a blast after hitting the books.

If neither of these extremes are not anything like you, you’re not in the minority. Some things may bother you; others may not even be given the time of day. For you, prioritizing is the key. Maybe English isn’t your favourite subject, but if the assignment is worth half your grade, maybe work on that before delving into your Trig homework. If you manage to remove the biggest issues of week right off the bat, you’ll find the time  to enjoy yourself is almost limitless.

Being in an academic school sounds great in principle, but in reality it can drain the life out of you. So this holiday season, find that wiggle room in your compact schedule, or maybe take the time to make a schedule. Work on bettering your limitations. Find your niche, Marauders.


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