How To: Do Something Fun Without Leaving the House

Mariah Barnes, Staff Writer

Today is one of those days. It’s either a rare day that has been blissfully granted unto you that bears no amount of homework or studying, or the more common occurrence of a forced day of rest. Whichever reprieve of school you’ve found yourself in, the ecstasy of the liberating realization can be weighed down if you have no mode of transportation. If checking your Facebook homepage for the umpteenth time doesn’t appease your fun quota, there are other options.

DIY is always a great idea. Even those who aren’t interested in crayon-based lipstick creation can find enjoyment from the craftier areas of the arts. For example, by drawing on a light bulb in black sharpie, you can create images that can flare across your room. Cutting up an old t-shirt can also spruce up a boring winter’s day. And if being creative doesn’t suit you, there are great sites such as One More Level for those small-time gaming needs, for an accumulation of funny images, and for…honestly, you just have to check that one out. If you want to read but have no possibility of getting a book, has some novels to keep you occupied, and they update quite frequently. If reading sounds worse than schoolwork, Netflix’s stand-up comedian section is defiantly something to check out. Best of luck beating the boredom blues, Marauders!


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