Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Aoife Jones, Staff Writer
Edited by Victoria Chiu

Being in grade twelve and your senior year of high school means that this is the year that you have to decide where you want to go or what you want to do next. After leaving the comfort and security of the Alberta education system, the responsibility is yours to make the choices that will define you for the next few years of your life. Whether it’s taking gap year—a year off to work or travel—or pursuing post-secondary education, it is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make before you venture off into the early phases of your “adult life.” When deciding what to do next you need to take into account A LOT of factors to figure out what’s best for you, and you alone.

One of the common dilemmas faced by twelfth graders is whether to attend a post-secondary institution or pursue an alternative path. Another decision all grade twelves have to make is the one that involves either staying local in terms of their education or traveling abroad in the pursuit of knowledge. Edmonton has an extremely diverse selection of post-secondary schools that can offer an amazing selection of courses for an individual student’s needs. From the Nursing Program at MacEwan to the Sciences Department at U of A, the choices are endless.

Despite the abundances of choices located in Edmonton, going abroad and leaving behind the familiarity of the city isn’t “wrong” in any way either. Leaving home can bring a new sense of independence, as those who chose to leave learn the skills they need to have to fend for themselves in the world. Although some students may not have the option or luxury of leaving home, it should be understood that going somewhere outside Edmonton isn’t any more or less of an accomplishment then staying home. Don’t view leaving as a step forward and staying at home as coming to a standstill in life; both choices will help move you forward (hopefully) in the right direction.

Whether to stay or to go is your own individual choice; the decisions you make about your next stage of life in post-secondary or otherwise should be made only for you, because that’s the life you are setting yourself up to live. And ultimately, you’re the only one who needs to be pleased with your choices.


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