Thoughts on…Winter

Victoria Chiu, Editor

Bona fide fact: Canada is snowy (where we are, at least). Another fact: Canadians need to deal with a lot of snow for what seems like 98% of the year (or we do, at least). Snow is highly romanticized in books and movies—graceful snowflakes falling softly to the ground while children frolic and play, relishing the “spirit of winter.” Ah, yes. Quintessential snow season, and totally representative of Canada. Right?

Obviously not. Now, not to discount winter or anything—snow is great (when you’re inside). And it’s fun (when you’re not waiting for the bus, which is thirty minutes late because of the blizzards). I’m pretty sure that watching that one Apple commercial a couple times is enough to endear us all to winter. But sometimes you’ve just gotta focus on the not-so-great stuff about something to better appreciate and contrast it with everything good about it…which is exactly why today’s rant post is about winter. And snow.

When you’re walking home without the recommended number of layers and Siberia-level outerwear, you’re inevitably gonna get cold. This is irritating enough, but you know what’s even more annoying? When one of your neighbours doesn’t shovel their sidewalk. I don’t know about you, but I don’t wanna wade through a 5x10x2ft space full of snow that’ll get into my shoes, freeze my legs, and slow me down. I’m just trying to get home, and everyone else has the decency to shovel their walkways, so what is up with you guys? And don’t even try to play it off like you haven’t left your house yet. I see your tire tracks!

Another irritating thing about winter is the inconvenience. You’ve gotta drive slower, leave earlier, and walk more carefully so you don’t slip and fall in the atrium front entrance. You’re confined to cafeteria food because the two minute walk to Husky just isn’t worth braving the –26°C weather, and even the promise of gratuitous amounts of overpriced sugar and fat attractively packaged in bags half-filled with air doesn’t outweigh the biting wind and freezing storms. I’m pretty sure we all give the cafeteria a pretty big business boost when the temperature drops into the negative double-digits.

Don’t get me wrong—like I said, there are some good things about winter, of course. (One of them being the non-existent bug population.) But that’s a post for another day and another time…a warmer, less wintery day, perhaps.


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