The Year Play: The Pajama Game

Mariah Barnes, Staff Writer
Brynn Lewis, Staff Writer

This year’s play, The Pajama Game, held all the masterful aspects of a well-practiced performance. All actors and actresses demonstrated a vivacious demeanor which brought the colourful set and radiant costumes alight. From the lead actors to the energetic ensemble, the entire cast interacted in a way that brought to life the comradery of coworkers in a desperate scramble for a 7½ cent raise. Every song held toe-tapping and heart-ensnaring appeal, and the choreography (which was assisted by our very own peers!) maintained a fluidity and energy which awed all those in attendance. From the supreme vocals to the mere mingling of actors, The Pajama Game was impeccably done. —M.B.

Congrats to The Pajama Game for getting rave reviews from the Cappies! To quote people with more authority than us: “…the talented cast and crew involved in Archbishop MacDonald’s musical production of The Pajama Game managed to rise to the challenge and deliver a stylish, high-energy production.” Good job, everyone! All five reviews published by the Edmonton Journal can be found here. —B.L.


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