Thoughts on…WiFi

Brynn Lewis, Staff Writer


Oh, WiFi.

People generally like WiFi. Or…maybe “like” is the wrong word for it. They need WiFi. It has become an essential component of modern-day life, a necessity comparable to food and water. Sure it might not be a real life-or-death situation when you find yourself debating whether or not you can watch that YouTube video or figure out what the hell antidisestablishmentarianism means, but it definitely feels like it is. Waiting for a WiFi connection is almost physically painful. There’s a restlessness, a squirminess, an I-can’t-stand-to-watch-this-loading-screen-any-longer-ness.

There’s that moment—that silent, solemn moment after the teacher announces that the most recent test marks have been posted on PowerSchool—during which all the students stare at the Cloud login screen in desperation. Please work, they pray to some greater power. Please. I’m sure (insert name here) was wrong about question fourteen, because there’s no possible way that I was supposed to get nine D’s in a row.

And then it turns out you typed in your password incorrectly.

And then it turns out that the school Wi-Fi is being really slow about logging you in. You don’t know why you’re hated by the WiFi. You just are. The WiFi has taken an intense, personal dislike to you from the moment you walked in the school. You’ve known. You’ve always known.

And then you say screw it and accept that you’re going to go over your monthly allotment of data yet again. But don’t worry about being too “technologically dependent,” or whatever it is the elders say—there are thirty other students around you thinking the exact same thing.


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