Winter Fashion Trends: A Girl’s Guide

Janice Jacobs, Staff Writer
Edited by Victoria Chiu

You don’t have to suffer for beauty. Winter can be a crippling time—not only for our social lives (who else hibernates?), but also for our sense of style. Who wants to put up with puffy winter coats and suffocating scarves just to collect the mail? Not me. Here are a couple of trends that keep you looking and feeling great during the seemingly unending hell that we Canadians call winter.


Layers are a great way to stay stylish during the winter season. A sweater layered over a dress looks super cute! Pair it with some patterned or fleece tights to keep warm while doing some winter shopping. If it gets too hot, you can always take off the sweater and tie it around your waist!


Infinity scarves have been around for quite some time, but winter is the perfect time to wear them. Having one made out of wool is perfection, keeping you warm and fashionable. It’s a great way to add a pop of colour to your outfit, and you can wear it many different ways. Wrap it over your face for when the wind chill reaches sub-arctic temperatures. These can also be paired with just about anything, from dresses to your favourite pair of jeans and a sweater.

Pea coats

Pea coats are a great way to stay warm during the winter. Flattering on every body type, this look is sleek and stylish and can get you through the whole season. This look never goes out of style, so you can wear it year after year. This looks really cute with a dress and your favourite boots!


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