DIY Holiday Gift Guide

Kristen Thomas, Contributor

Christmas is right around the corner and the one thing I know about MAC students is that we don’t exactly like…how do I put it? Spending money. Seriously, the phrase “I would do [insert fun activity here], but it’s too expensive,” is heard more often than not echoing through the hallways. So: what to do when the holiday season rolls around and you want to provide fun—yet inexpensive—gifts for your friends and family? Well, here are some easy do-it-yourself projects to give a shot.

  1. One of the best/easiest gifts is food! (Check out our 12 Days of Christmas Baking series for some amazing recipes.) Ranging all the way from fudge to sugar cookies to candy cane bark, the possibilities are endless! Stick your treat of choice in a jar with some pretty ribbon or even a Christmas themed cellophane bag and you’re good to go.
  2. If baking isn’t your thing, you could always try your hand at DIY Christmas mugs. Purchase some cheap white mugs from the dollar store and grab some coloured sharpies. Decorate the mugs with a Christmas design of your choice. Then you could stop there, but if you want to make sure the ink lasts put the mug in the oven heated at 350°F for half an hour.
  3. 10858481_803288739718135_415400406993846765_nBack to baking—but this one doesn’t even include the baking step, really. A fun gift is a “cake in a jar,” which is basically all the dry ingredients for a cake layered in a jar to look something like this…


The nice thing about this is that it doesn’t have to be ingredients for a cake. You could use a cookie recipe or even maybe a hot chocolate mix. Simply find a recipe for a cake (or whatever you plan on using) and add the dry ingredients to the jar. Then write the recipe and other ingredients required on a festive tag and your gift is done!

  1. For the artists out there, you could try doing a hand-painted tree ornament. Again, find some cheap plain ornaments and some paint and go nuts. This gift can be really special because you can spend time on each individual ornament and personalize each one. You could go really simple or extremely complex but (as the theme of this entire post seems to be) the possibilities are endless!

So there you have it. Four fun, easy, and (most importantly) inexpensive DIY gifts. Try some of them out! (Or, I mean, you could always buy several boxes of overpriced chocolate. Your choice, really.) Happy holidays!

For tons of other ideas, visit here.


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