MAC’s Got Talent in Review

Aoife Jones, Staff Writer

To all the students who performed at this year’s MAC’s Got Talent, you deserve a huge round of applause for showcasing your talents to the school and being brave enough to do so. Thanks to you, MAC was able to witness brilliant musicians, singers, dancers, and (of course!) our solo magician.

Congratulations to all, but especially to our top five performers!

  • Jam Sessions with their killer vocals and wonderful medley as a band.
  • Britney and Tara’s fabulous acoustic Beyoncé medley including content from her days with Destiny’s Child all the way to her current work.
  • Katrina’s outstanding acoustic piano performance of Fiona Apple’s song, “Paper Bag”.
  • Daniele the magician’s “magical” sleight of hand act that kept the audience on their toes, convincing them to believe in the impossible—especially with his last selfie card trick.
  • Michael Bautista’s spectacular piano medley of “The History of Music” starting with classical pieces and moving through The Peanuts theme, some Michael Jackson hits, and ending off with the classic Journey song “Don’t Stop Believing.”

The students who placed in MGT will also get the chance to be showcased at a later event: Raise the Roof. Raise the Roof is a talent show between multiple high schools which not only shares the abundance of talent between them but also raises money for Free the Children, an international charity organization.


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