The Art of Levitation Photography

Haley Dang, Staff Writer
Edited by Victoria Chiu

Ever heard of “levitation photography”? To put it simply, it’s when someone takes a photo that involves people or objects seemingly levitating in mid-air (it’s pretty self-explanatory). The photo above was taken by Ian Lott, a photographer on Flickr; it demonstrates the basis of what we’re going into today (check out his page to see more of his photography).

The photographer who really got me into this particular type of this photography is Natsumi Hayashi. I discovered her back in 2010, and to this day I check out her blog all the time to see Today’s Levitation. She lives in Japan with her cat, and her photos revolve around “levitating” self-portraits. While running around Japan and other various places, she takes photos of herself levitating in various public places. What really draws you to the photos is how otherworldly and seamless her photos are. The way she takes them make them appear completely effortless and helps to capture the moment in a way that’s almost nostalgic. If you take time to examine each photo carefully, you can see that there’s so much precision in the composition of each one. The way she takes her photographs brings out the colours of the landscape in order to compliment her levitation that much more.

If you’re interested, I definitely suggest checking out her work, which can be found here. It’s definitely worth your time to review her artistic vision of what levitation photography is all about. On her About page, she even includes some pointers on how you can do levitation photograph, too! If you have a camera, anything is possible.

While you’re at it, why not check out some of the other photographers who have done levitation photography? Here’s a link to a blog post of 50 different photos taken by people who have explored this form of photography. Unsurprisingly, you’ll see some of Natsumi Hayashi’s work included in the thread.

I hope you enjoy the art that is levitation photography—Natsumi Hayashi is worthy of being at the top of your list of notable contemporary photographers!


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