Take This Seasonal Quiz!

Brynn Lewis, Staff Writer

Do you know what day it is? You bet you know what day it is. It’s that highly anticipated, only-once-a-year, unforgettable holiday. It’s Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.)!

Let us guess how single you are in this handy dandy, totally awesome quiz! Just answer the following quick and easy questions!

Are you dating someone?

A) No, I’m single.
B) Yes, I’m in a relationship.
C) I’m not sure.
D) Not interested.

If you answered mostly A’s—Congratulations, you are single. Today’s your day! Not anyone else’s. Pay no attention to those other people who keep buying too much chocolate and posting sickeningly sweet status updates on Facebook. No sane person needs to post that many #blessed posts on Instagram in a two-hour period. I bet those people are annoying anyway.

If you answered mostly B’s—Congratulations, you are not single. Sleep well tonight knowing that a portion of the population silently hates you right now. Know that on Valentine’s Singles Awareness Day, there will be enormous pressure for you to buy the perfect romantic gift, and that chocolate is full of calories. Aren’t quizzes fun!?

If you answered mostly C’s—You sound confused. But we get it! Sometimes dating can be complicated, but we at Macsource are always here to help you figure out the ins and outs of romantic life. If you are (gasp) “friendzoned,” as the youths say, you are single. If you have a poster of them in your room and love them from afar, you are single. If it’s a friends-with-benefits thing, then you are probably single…unless you think you live in a romcom, in which case you are probably delusional.

If you answered mostly D’s—If you answered mostly D’s, it means you’re not interested. Maybe you’re not interested in dating. Maybe you’re not interested in this quiz. Maybe you’re not interested in world peace or pizza (you monster). This one is kind of up for grabs. Thank you for being the most ambiguous person in the room.


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