MAC’s 2015 Open House

Deborah Yee, Editor

1371502018_archbishop_0375_f-largeWelcome to the 2015 open house for Archbishop MacDonald High School! We at Macsource are so thrilled to be part of this exciting time for all you grade 9 students. Let us give you some insight to how MAC life really is by highlighting some of the best things about MAC:

  • Everyone belongs here. There are no hardline divisions between ‘geeks’ or ‘jocks’ or ‘cool kids’
  • We’ve got tons of diverse clubs that cater to the interests and personalities of unique individuals
  • MAC has an excellent Catholic religion department which provides spiritual support to people of all faiths
  • The students are dedicated to excellence both in and out of school
  • We have various art, drama, and music programs that produce amazing, gold medal-winning work
  • Our science labs are equipped with advanced technology for young, budding scientists
  • And (of course!) we have a student-run newspaper which informs you on all the things a MAC student has to know

But we can’t address the good without acknowledging the bad. The worst things about MAC are:

  • The students are perfectionists that love their school and want what is best for it
  • Okay, fine, you caught us. There really aren’t any deal-breaking cons about MAC. 

What is really cool about MAC is that everyone fits in here and labels just…don’t really exist. The smart kids are also on the volleyball team. The freshmen are also confident debaters. The drama geeks can be found creating experiments for IB chemistry. The people here are accepting of others with different backgrounds; as one may notice with our Humans of MAC feature, no two MAC students have the same history or talent. MAC is the perfect place for students to grow as unique and strong individuals. As I myself can attest to, I would never have imagined in grade 9 that three years later I would be taking IB classes, be a co-editor of the school newspaper, looking forward to an exciting future in university, volunteering all over the city, and meeting the most interesting people. MAC has really opened me up to new experiences, and I would recommend any grade 9 student to attend MAC—and see how it changes their life.


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