Ballin’ on a Budget: Sewing Edition

Steven Tian, Staff Writer sewing-a-button-lg
As a high school student, I often take out my wallet, stare into it, and then proceed to weep gently. Having to buy a new shirt or pants whenever I lose a button probably doesn’t help. As such, it’s very helpful to understand how to fix your own clothes. Some things can come naturally, and don’t really have a set way of doing them, and others you can do without any knowledge of sewing with just a few pictures and some tools. Here are a few basic steps to acquire the correct tools!

  1. Search around your house for a round blue butter cookie tin.
  2. The moment of truth. Open the tin. If there are cookies inside, you are a lucky man. If you are normal and not one of the chosen few, there will most likely be sewing supplies inside.
    We realize that this tin is not, in fact, actually blue.
  3. If somehow you did not find sewing supplies in said tin, ask somebody who might know where to find some. Some basic procedures that will probably make your life a lot easier are the ones that solve the really common problems in life. Loose buttons, torn seams, and zipper issues are probably the ones I encounter the most. Loose buttons? Honestly, just cut them off and put on new ones. Torn seams? You pretty much just sew it shut. Zippers! Ughhh, zippers suck. They’re annoying to fix, break easily, and I’ve always found you have to replace them more often than fixing them. This video show how to repair them, and this one demonstrates how to replace them. Fixing your own clothes is easy and relatively cheap. Although it can be a bit difficult when you first start, it gets to be quite fun as you go along. The only annoying part is threading the needle. Always remember, lick and pinch! Good luck!

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