How to Stop Music Shaming

Janice Jacobs, Staff Writer

Edited by Victoria Chiu

Let’s face it—all of us have wildly different tastes in, well, everything. Some would rather watch Netflix, while others want to read books. Some people like tomatoes, other people don’t. We can accept that. Why is music so different?

Music shaming. I admit I used to do this. I have reasons for not liking mainstream music, and I felt all-powerful on my high horse made of heavy guitars and funky bass, but it really was more like a ditch. I couldn’t see anyone but myself. I came to learn that pop music is not some horrible entity that I can’t like because I belong to another genre of music listeners; I learned that everyone has reasons for listening to what they listen to. Music is like pizza—not everyone is going to like the same toppings as you (chicken and pineapple for the win) but the base is the same. Music is music: the one true universal language that everyone can relate to. 

So, how do we stop music shaming? Listen to more music, don’t listen to more music…it doesn’t matter to me. Just practice some respect. Eat more pizza.


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