Band Share Day

Aoife Jones, Staff Writer

What is Band Share Day? We’re glad you asked. 

It originated back in 1993 at the John L. Haar Theatre located in Grant MacEwan, where only three schools’ concert bands attended.


It’s an annual music event that gives students from all Edmonton Catholic Schools the opportunity to play in the epitome of local musical venues: the Winspear Centre. Bands ranging from grades 7 to 12 with sizes ranging from 18-piece to 90-piece concert bands perform a diverse range of music from the classic concert band repertoire to popular and jazzy music.


Band Share Day is an opportunity for all young musicians to experience a feat like no other as they perform on a one-of-a-kind stage. It’s basically a whole day of music…a.k.a. pure bliss and happiness! A day where you can witness a free 11 hour concert full of AMAZING music.


Come out tomorrow afternoon (if you have a spare) or in the evening to see some of your own Marauders play some fantastic music! (It can serve as your pre-show to MAC’s music department’s Dinner and Dance, too!)


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