Jazz It Up: Grad Accessory Shopping

Janice Jacobs, Staff Writer

Edited by Victoria Chiu


So grad season is coming up and we’ve all thought about dresses, hair, make-up, and shows, but have you thought about the bling? To make you sparkle and shine a little extra, some jewelry goes a long way. Here are some of my favourite pieces to help you stand out!


Earrings: These are perfect if you like to stand out in the crowd! These earrings work well with a plain dress, or a dress with no patterns near the top. These will sparkle and add a whole new dimension to your outfit.

  • These are a bit more subtle, if that’s your approach. Pair them with a delicate dress in a pastel color and opt for a light pink lip! This will render everyone speechless at how gorgeous you are! 
  • Calling all LBD’s! This one is to add a bit of color to your outfit; along with a red pout I know you could rock. Show everyone your funky side.
  • If big earrings really aren’t your thing, you could own a pair of beautiful studs. These add some subtle glam factor to any outfit, and you can wear them again with just about anything!

Bracelets: This one from Charming Charlie is a perfect pair for earrings #2. Match it with make-up au naturel and a dazzling dress, and you have all eyes on you!

  • This bracelet from Charming Charlie is a stunner, simple but elegant. Wear it at grad and after to look like a princess!

  • Add some color to your wrists with this peacock bracelet from Stella and Dot. This one is sure to bring in the crowds as they ask, in hushed tones, how they too might be able to one day rock a bracelet like that.


This ring from Stella and Dot is a perfect finish to your already perfect look. A touch of rhinestone adds some glitz, and the spikes add some edge. The classic gold color will never go out of style.

  • Your hand will match the starry sky with this beautiful ring from BaubleBar. It has some big bling for the big night, and makes a wonderful addition to almost any dress.
  • This simple parallel ring from BaubleBar is understated and elegant. Of course, you can wear it again with anything. If gold is not your colour, it comes in three other varieties, including silver and steel.

I didn’t include necklaces. Why, you might be asking? You’ve gotta let your chest do the chattering, let your top do the talking, and dazzle everyone with how spectacular that dress looks on you. Just remember to choose something you like, and something that makes you feel like a queen. Happy grad shopping!


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