Aoife Jones, Staff Writer

Edited by Victoria Chiu

We’re talking about the Alberta International Band Festival—a.k.a. AIBF!


This international band festival is the result of Mr. John Nikel’s vision in 1971 of a festival that would give young musicians all over Alberta the chance to perform, but also learn about music in an educational environment. This festival still maintains the envisioned image of Mr. Nikel, as it is a not-for-profit venture that is run directly by volunteers.

In its first year, the then-called Alberta Stage Band Festival hosted 8 jazz bands. Now, many years later, the festival hosts more than 300 bands of both the concert and jazz variety in its two locations: Edmonton and Calgary.


AIBF demonstrates a commitment to the education of music as it is highly recognized for its outstanding adjudications and the excellent venues they get for such a notable event. Two adjudicators judge each band against the standard of performance that is established by the AIBF committee with scores of “Superior,” “Excellent,” and “Good” being awarded. If a band happens to receive a “Superior” rating from both of their adjudicators, they also receive the highly-esteemed “GOLD AWARD.”


Come out and support your Marauder musicians as they attend this year’s AIBF (March 16-20) in the hopes of doing their best and scoring their highest! As an added bonus, the performance is 100% FREE. You’re all encouraged to come out and listen to the musical wonders of some of Alberta’s finest musicians.


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