“I Want to See, Want to See Them Dancing!”

Aoife Jones, Staff Writer


On Friday the thirteenth, MAC’s Music Program held their annual Dinner & Dance. A nineteen-year-old tradition, this beloved event started as a simple tea and cake get together but has since grown to become an amazing night full of great food, wonderful music, and awesome dancing!


This fundraising event is organized primarily by the Music Council (with me as the President, ehehe). We plan everything down to the last napkin on the table! We hope that everyone who came out enjoyed the delicious food provided from Chateau Louis and all the wonderful Silent Auction collected from students at MAC and local stores all across Edmonton!

The Music Council and I are proud to say this was the first time in all of its twenty years that the Dinner and Dance has ever sold out, with two hundred people coming out for the event! We are amazed by the enormous support we received from students of all grades and are blessed by the tremendous amount of fundraising received!

I hope that next year all the current tenth and eleventh graders will come out for the event with our new Music Council President, Claire, who will plan what is sure to be a lovely night!


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