What To Do: Prom Hairstyles

Mariah Barnes, Staff Writer

The time has come. There’s no more hiding behind laptops scrolling through pages upon pages of over-sequined dresses on malnourished models. Grad is in less than three months. And now we have to plan more extensively than what colour would match our skin tone: we’ve gotta decide what shoes, what jewelry, and what hair will make our inner bombshells meet the undeserving world. Just to make the task feel all little less I’m graduating how do I do this there’s nothing to wear what if I fall down are dates mandatory who do I sit with, here are a few options to style your lovely locks.

If you have a long, majestic head of hair, here are a few do’s for you: 

Soft ringlets in a Victoria’s-Secret style are beautiful and classic. Not to mention they can cooperate very nicely with all types of bangs. Fringe, side-swept, completely non-existent; this look can even be done simply at home!


There’s a definite pro to having long hair: you have endless possibilities! And intricate braids all wrapped up can look absolutely stunning. Bringing a few sparkly clips to the hair salon before getting all done up can add that touch of class. And I wouldn’t try this one at home. Seek expert help. 


A half updo is also a timeless option. Instead of trying to for loose, solid coils having a more piece-y look can make you look like a goddess! 


If medium length hair is more your mode: 

Having less hair doesn’t mean less fun! By curling the front segments of your hair towards your face with a two inch curling iron, the flapper look is easily accomplished!

Up, up, up! Updos are possible for shorter hair! By previously curling the bottom half of your hair, then clipping it to your scalp in a semblance of a bun, you can look like royalty! 


Want something a little more edgy? A faux hawk is an amazing way to go; curling the loose hair can make it more feminine, too! Just secure the top portion of your hair into a clip, then French braid down both sides of your head…or show this picture to a hairdresser. 


If you have chic short hair, here’s a few for you: 

Using some wax or pomade on straightened hair can muse up an otherwise basic look. Plus with Jennifer Lawrence as your muse, you can’t possibly go wrong!


A fancy headband and teasing can go a long way! And do you know the best part of this look? It’s so simple! A comb, a headband, and some hearty hairspray can make you look magical! 

If your dress is too extravagant for a fuller head, a sleek pixie cut is unbelievably elegant! Add some radiant jewelry and you’ll be turning heads!


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