Student Thoughts on: Threats

Julia Stanski, Staff Writer

Edited by Victoria Chiu

Lately it seems like the media is full of nothing but terrorism news. Constant updates on ISIS, youth radicalization, the al-Shabaab video about threats on shopping malls, revisions to the no-fly list, the Charlie Hedbo shootings, the controversial federal anti-terror bill; both worry and action concerning this high-profile issue seem to be on the riseSo how does this affect us? What does it mean to us as students and Canadians? We asked some MAC students about their thoughts on this phenomenon. 

What do you think about the recent surge in terrorism and media coverage?

“I was slightly scared at first, but I have faith that the RCMP will ensure our safety.” –Kristen

“I personally think that there have always been major terrorism moments and it’s just now that our media is capturing anyone and anything and making it into a huge deal. I’m not saying it isn’t; it’s just that the media does like to play with audiences’ fear, and why not do it after all these revolutionary events these past months? It’s their perfect time to shine.” –Tamara

I think the recent surge in terrorism is terrible. There is no room for it in our modern world, where things can be resolved diplomatically and peacefully. It doesn’t matter what culture or place it comes from. The shootings in schools in the United States are just as bad as the terrorism in the Middle East. The point is terrorism isn’t just something that is directed to one group of people. It happens everywhere and it’s awful.” –Levi

How do you feel about the WEM threat? 

“At first I was really scared, actually. My brother works at the mall, so my parents are worried about him being hurt. I used to go to the mall pretty often just to hang out with my friends or see movies, but now my parents only let me go when I actually have to buy something important and they always want me going in groups.” –Jill

I’m not sure if I took it seriously, but it’s definitely at the back of my mind. To be quite honest, this threat did scare me a little because I’ve grown up in a safe city and community, so the fact that a terroristic event may happen here seems very unreal. I like to think that we have good security and police, so I’m putting my trust in them.” –Tamara

How closely do you follow news surrounding this?

“I follow this topic relatively closely on Facebook threads. We don’t watch much news so I occasionally just look at news websites to keep up-to-date.” –Levi

“I try and follow the news surrounding it, but I admit I don’t do a very good job.” –Kristen

Do you think we’re reacting to this the way we should be? 

“I feel the government is trying to provide support as best it can, but there is always room to do more.” –Alyson

In my opinion, we are dealing with terrorism the way we should be. The world is being made aware of the massacres terrorists are capable of. This enables countries to work together against terrorism as a strong, united team. Other actions such as raising security measures throughout the world, monitoring websites, and sending troops to eradicate some terrorist groups are all ways we deal with terrorism to ensure it does not prevail.” –Piera


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