How to Sew Your Own Scrunchie

Haley Dang, Staff Writer

Edited by Victoria Chiu

Scrunchies seem like a trend that is catching on. So instead of spending money to jump on this new style, this article will show you how to make your own for just a few dollars using a 1950’s sewing machine. I found a lot of these supplies around my house, but you can find all of these things at Fabricland or any other craft store.  


  • Scrap Fabric
  • ¼ Inch Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine or Fabric Glue 

  1.  Cut out an 8cm x 46cm rectangle of fabric, and a 23cm long piece of elastic.    
  2. Fold the piece of fabric right-side on the inside lengthwise and pin down.   
  3. Now sew along the edge with ½ seam allowance or you can glue along this side and glue it down and let dry for an hour before moving on.  
    It should look a little something like this.
  5. Moving on you now have to flip this tube inside out resulting into something like this, something even more tubular.   
  6. Now you will insert your piece of elastic from earlier, scrunching up the fabric. Being careful not to lose the other end as you’re threading it, through.   
  7. Now you want to take the two ends of the elastic and place them on top of each other, sewing them along the x-crossed square. If you don’t have a sewing machine you can also just tie the ends together in a knot.   
  8. Now you will bring the two ends of the fabric together, and tuck one into the other. I suggest folding the edge a little for a clean look. Then you will sew along that edge.    
  9. Now you’re done, and you should now have a nice, cheap, tangle-free hair scrunchie. Happy sewing! 



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