Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Aoife Jones, Staff Writer

Edited by Victoria Chiu

 Contrary to popular belief, MAC’s rowing team is not technically new to MAC…because up until five years ago we already had a rowing team! Thanks to the incredible efforts of eleventh grader Aline Belzil and Mr. Rosselli, MAC has been graced with re-starting the rowing program and hopefully continuing it for a long time to come. 

Rowing is an awesome sport that completely embodies the saying “There is no ‘I’ in team.” It is truly unique because it’s one of the only sports out there that requires each person to work together as a single unit in harmony. Even the slightest of difference of movement between each individual rower can throw the boat off balance. There is a common misconception that rowing depends solely on your upper body strength; your lower body is equally as important! In reality, 90% of a stroke’s power comes from the legs. Rowing also combines mental and physiological strength and stamina because it is such a full body sport. A normal competition is usually raced on a straight 2000-metre course that tests your endurance at levels you would never have experienced from any other sport.


Now in spite of Edmonton’s lack of sun and abundance of cold weather, you can technically row in all seasons. It’s an all-weather sport! This is because there are two different seasons to rowing: indoor and outdoor. The indoor season starts as soon as Edmonton’s river ices over and ends as soon as the ice melts. MAC’s rowing team currently trains indoors at the Edmonton Rowing Club, located next to the Edmonton Zoo. And seeing as we live in Edmonton, MAC Marauders could be training there for a while as it continues to snow in spring.


Rowing is a sport with a welcoming atmosphere—each individual rower can truly feel rewarded, because you really get what you put into the sport. It is a sport that can be easily picked up, and this creates a great, friendly, and fun setting for all newcomers. It should be noted that in 2012, at the London Olympics, there were Olympic rowers who only began training a year before the Games. It should be noted that rowing is a sport for all, so don’t be afraid to join!

Just a reminder: anyone can still join rowing right now! Just go and talk to Aline Belzil or Mr. Rosselli and they’ll give you all the info!


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