TV Times: Hindsight

Aoife Jones, Staff Writer

Edited by Victoria Chiu

If you’re a 90’s kid (or 90’s fan), you’ll definitely enjoy this TV series. It takes place back in 1995 (only a few years before most of us students were born!). According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, hindsight is the knowledge and understanding that you have about an event only after it has happened—and this single definition totally fits VH1’s hour-long TV series Hindsight. 

Becca, the focus of the series, finds herself in present-day times during her second engagement party—but she soon finds herself uncertain about her prospective marriage and nervous about her choice of future husband on the eve of her second wedding. This wave of doubt soon overcomes her during a strange ride in an elevator that causes her to travel back to the eve before her first wedding in 1995. Becca seizes the opportunity to change her past; this is first seen by her choice to skip joyfully down the aisle, but not in the somewhat traditional sense towards her soon-to-be-(ex)husband. Instead, she goes down towards the door and out the church! In that single moment, Becca drastically changes the course of her future as she reunites with her best friend in the hopes of correcting her wrongdoings…while inadvertently creating a future that includes destroying the greatest relationship she had ever had in either life: the one between her and her best friend. 


The series takes us back to the Big Apple, a city that, over 20 years ago, was filled with pagers, wild parties, and people who thought having an AOL email address was considered “hip.” Changing times for Becca may have caused her to find a band-aid solution for her problems, but ultimately Becca discovers that there is no such thing as a “right” choice, and that things that are meant to happen will eventually happen. 


This series has only been on air for one season, but in that single season I have gained back my love of the 90’s: the music, the clothes, the whole era. Go check it out so you, too, can reminisce about the “good old days.” 



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