Why You Should Be a Feminist

Mariah Barnes, Staff Writer


Girls aren’t supposed to wear tank tops to school. Men make a great deal more money than women at identical jobs. Rape culture does exist. Objectification and complete domination is a reality for many women worldwide. In places like India, over six million baby girls were aborted in the past ten years due to their costly and supposedly burdensome nature on their families. The fight against the classic patriarchal society is still on, and it’s important that we maintain a united front against those refusing change; both males and females alike need to embrace feminism. 

Think of a woman in your life: a mother, sister, friend, girlfriend, aunt, grandmother—anyone that saunters off to a women’s bathroom. If you’ve ever cared for a female, for their expression and ability to live freely, you’re already a feminist. The stigma around feminism has been greatly altered from reality. Often when women’s rights are brought up, the extreme image of a tree-house dwelling, bra-hating, excessively hairy woman with a picket sign is brought to mind. Feminism isn’t strict and it isn’t a lifestyle—though it undoubtedly can become one—it’s a belief system. Contrary to popular belief, the complexities that are associated with feminism are generally a bunch of misconceptions. Embracing an equal-opportunity society should not be branded negatively, but instead be deemed brilliant

For those of you Marauders out there who still feel standoffish about feminism, I have a scenario for you: imagine, in ten or so years, you are blessed with having a beautiful baby girl with your significant other. The concept might seem daunting, but bear with me here. So you have a chubby-faced, toothless-grinning little baby girl, and you begin, as every parent does, to imagine her future. Maybe she’ll be a doctor. Or she’ll be a star in her high school play. Will she even like going to school? The potential of this precious child would appear limitless, right? So why not support the ability of this child to be treated fairly as any man and allow her to grow and play and learn and become an adult worthy of society? 

Posting pro-feminist rants on social media, marching as a protestor for equal wages, and signing petitions are all large contributions to this cause. Though these actions are spectacular, they are not an expectation from reading this article. We don’t expect you to go out and become the leader of the next big protest. But a single change in view, a conversation between friends, a little boy or girl born to a family accepting excellence regardless of their child’s gender, are all powerful examples. As said by George Bernard Shaw, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything,” so let’s get moving, Marauders! 


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