TV Times: iZombie

Aoife Jones, Staff Writer
Edited by Victoria Chiu

This new CW hit show features the undead, brains, and…Sriracha sauce? Yes, Sriracha—because brains with Sriracha, according to Liv Moore, ex-cardiology resident and ZOMBIE, it’s the perfect combination.


Liv, who once had a promising future with a great job in the works, an amazingly funny, cute fiancé and a happy-go-lucky family, had her life instantly and irreversibly change after an unfortunate party gone awry that caused her to turn into a zombie. 


Now her life revolves around brains, as it’s the only way to sustain herself and keep her in a sane mode of zombie behavior. Luckily for her, her new job at the Seattle PD morgue gives her an easy way to satisfy her need for brains with an unlimited supply at her fingertips. With the help of her boss, who despite finding out her secret is seemingly cool about the whole “undead” thing, Liv gets through her daily problems as a zombie and works toward an antidote for her condition. In the meantime, Liv uses the psychic ability that comes along with eating brains to help the people of Seattle by assisting the police in solving cases, one brain eaten at a time!


This show only recently debuted on TV, but has definitely shown promise with a quirky, cute, fun, and dead leading lady-zombie. Make sure to check this show out if you love science fiction, drama, romance, comedy, or anything to do with the undead.



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