TV Times: One Big Happy

Aoife Jones, Staff Writer
Edited by Victoria Chiu

This new NBC show with executive producer Ellen DeGeneres had me laughing from the first punch line in the pilot episode. The story revolves around Luke and Lizzy, who have been best friends from childhood; he knew and accepted her for who she was before anyone else and has stood by her side ever since. 

They’ve been with each other through both of their parents’ divorces and have become an inseparable pair of friends who made a pact that if, in the future, both of them were single at thirty years old, they’d start a family together. Now, with both of them having found themselves in such a predicamentthey have decided to form their own non-traditional family: Luke (who is straight) and Lizzy (who isn’t straight—if you didn’t guess from the show’sposter already, she’s a lesbian) have made the decision to raise a child together.


After continuous attempts to conceive, they keep getting struck with bad luck. With this sad news upon them, Lizzy is struck with even more sadness and jealousy as Luke soon falls in love with a British girl, Prudence, who is due to be deported back to England within a matter of days. 


After multiple attempts at conceiving, it appears that Lizzy and Luke have finally got the coveted double bar sign on the end of their pregnancy test; she’s positive she’s pregnant. But her excitement fades when she finds out her best friend and now baby daddy has married Prudence (for two reasons: both because he’s in love and because he wants to stop her deportation). 


One Big Happy is the story of a baby being born into a world, raised by a lesbian mom, a straight dad, and a Prudence.



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