TV Times: Younger

Aoife Jones, Staff Writer

Edited by Victoria Chiu

After taking an extended hiatus from the TV screen, Sutton Foster and Hillary Duff grace the screen on TV Land’s newest original show: Younger. The series displays some remarkable resemblance to the famed Sarah Jessica Parker show Sex and the City.

Liza (Foster) is a forty-year-old divorcee who, after a long sabbatical from her life in the working world, finds it impossible to jump back into her career. She decides after hearing a compliment from a younger man to reboot her life, her career, and her age as she pretends to be a twenty-six-year-old who just finished volunteering in India. Courtesy of her best friend Maggie, she undergoes a drastic makeover in order to fill the part as a younger woman in the journalism industry. After making this change in her life, she lands a job as an assistant to Diana (a nightmare of a boss) in a publishing house, where she meets her first twenty-something friend and co-worker, Kelsey (Duff).


Liza must learn the basics of a younger generation she was not brought into, from starting a Twitter account to learning to use hashtags. Now, with the confidence of a young adult, Liza must play the part and pass off as a twenty-six-year-old to keep her life together, her job, and maybe a new, younger man. Younger is a show that says it’s never too late to dream, even if you have to be creative about how you achieve your goals.



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