TV Times: Young & Hungry

Aoife Jones, Staff Writer

Edited by Victoria Chiu

Ashley Tisdale’s show, based loosely on the life of Gabi Moskowitz (a San Francisco food blogger), has just begun its second season and has kept viewers rooting for #JoshandGabi since the beginning.


The show starts off as Gabi, a young food blogger, looks for employment as a personal chef at the penthouse suite of tech-savvy entrepreneur Josh. Desperate for the job, Gabi pulls out all the stops and serves Josh the best meal in the world—a grilled cheese—to finally get her hands on the job. But when Josh wants Gabi to prepare a romantic, engagement-worthy meal for his soon-to-be fiancée, the dinner goes amiss with the sudden breakup of the unengaged couple. After an awkward night full of drinks, Gabi soon finds herself in an awkward position, but luckily manages to keep her job. Young & Hungry follows Gabi’s journey as she turns her awkward and unusual situation into the opportunity of a lifetime.


This show is not just about food—it’s also about the drama that a young food blogger faces in the crazy world of the penthouse suite of her dream job.



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