TV Times: Eye Candy

Aoife Jones, Staff Writer

Edited by Victoria Chiu

This MTV series combines all the elements of the most amazing crime shows with just a hint of awesome new mystery. Eye Candy focuses on the 21st century and the crime that can occur because of the technology that has been brought into the world. With a new app, Flirtual, hitting the New York online dating scene, a new murderer joins the crowd: Eye Candy.


Lindy, the main character, a twenty-one-year-old genius tech hacker with a true gift in society’s digital age, has been looking for her kidnapped sister for over three years. She has found herself prey to the Cyber-Crimes Police Unit when they arrest her for her “wrongdoings” as a hacker during her continuous search for her sister. In her final days of being patrolled by the police, her best friend persuades her into letting loose by trying online dating. Unfortunately for her and her friends, her night on the dating site has indorse risks, as one of the matches she meets appears to be a crazy and deadly cyber stalker. 


Now she must come together with the Cyber-Crimes Unit to find out who this stalker is. Along the way, she helps solve other murders in hopes that something or someone will lead her to finding her long-lost sister.


This show has already aired for a season, and for those who have already been watching along with the show and know who this mysterious “Eye Candy” is: wait until next season to see how everything unfolds with the explanation of the enormous secrets that were revealed in the last few minutes of the finale. But, for those of you who have already learnt the “truth,” make sure not to spoil it for the new viewers!



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