Spotlight on…Annie Ulliac, Grade 12 Student

Aoife Jones, Staff Writer
Edited by Victoria Chiu
Name: Annie Ulliac
School: Adelphi University (pronounced ah-dell-fye), Long Island, New York
Sport: Soccer
Position: Goalie

Adelphi University is a private academic school with approximately 500undergraduates each year. They play exhibition against Division 1 schools, but they compete in NCAA Division 2. (Note to anyone not involved in the world of athletics: divisions are mostly based on school.) Although Adelphi doesn’t have a team representing America’s most beloved sport, football, they are super invested in their athletes and facilities, according to Annie.

Annie has always had a passion for soccer. Her level of dedication is evidenced by her intense practice/play schedule of at least seven sessions per week. This is the level of dedication required for any university-level sport, as it both challenges you and grants opportunities to play in different environments against the toughest competitors you’ve even seen. 

Annie was recruited by a coach at Adelphi who is, according to Annie, “one of the best American soccer players ever”; this was her primary reason behind her choice to go to this school this coming fall. She also chose Adelphi because being in the state of glamorous New York definitely isn’t too bad, especially when you’re in the company of the awesome Adelphi coaches, the amazing team soccer team, the great professors, and the beautiful campus. 

Although Annie is going to play soccer at Adelphi, the scholarship she has earned at the school is partly based on her academic performance. Annie will be focusing on the Bachelor of Exercise Science program (very similar to kinesiology) and will attend the Honours College in addition to her contribution to the university’s soccer team. 

Some advice Annie has for students planning on attending post-secondary sports: work hard and never give up (she admits this is pretty cheesy) and “STAY IN SCHOOL, KIDS. That said, continue to remember to do your own research about sports in university, get yourself out there, and decide what your priorities and end goals are.

Annie hopes that she will be able to go into a professional or semi-professional league after finishing up her program at university, and I have faith that she will! Good luck in the future, Annie! 


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