Earth Day—April 22

Megan Klak, Staff Writer

Earth Day is all about not taking our earth for granted. It’s easy to forget, while we’re going about our lives, that the world stretches on beyond our immediate horizons. But we are all living on an immense planet, hurtling through space, with the miraculous ability to sustain life.

Here are some crazy environmental facts and things you can do today to help the environment in honor of Earth Day:

  • Recycling an aluminum can (just one) will save enough energy to power a television for three hours! 
  • Aluminum cans can also be recycled continuously (you can keep on recycling them forever). 
  • You can recycle everything from kettles to fridges, so consider it before you throw it out!
  • Using cloth bags at grocery stores would save (over your lifetime) 22000 plastic bags!
  • Seriously, recycle your paper. Seriously. 
  • Bring a thermos the next time you go to a coffee shop instead of using a paper cup. 
  • Think big picture. Little things can affect change, and remember, you vote as a consumer with the products that you buy. Try to buy local, organic, or even just avoid products you know have made a negative impact on the world. 
  • Stop thinking negatively. Sometimes, when we think environment, we think doom and gloom and predictions of horrible futures. Today, start looking for solutions to problems, instead of just commiserating about their general problem-ness. See the need (the conservation of the planet) and address it in a positive, constructive way. 

Facts sourced from here.


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