National Poetry Month

Brynn Lewis, Staff Writer

People’s reactions to poetry tend to be…mixed. Maybe you loathe the analysis and re-analysis that seems to go hand-in-hand with a poem and feel that nothing actually depends on a red wheelbarrow, despite the existence of chickens. Maybe you don’t like most poetry but harbor a secret love for Edgar Allen Poe (with the dark lipstick to match) or believe that Shel Silverstein is a true genius. Maybe you like poetry—or wholly, unabashedly love it. Maybe you even write some. Whatever the case, April (as it’s National Poetry Month) is a great time to revisit poetry outside of the classroom, and possibly see it in a new light. National Poetry Month was established in 1996, as a way to celebrate poetry in the United States, but since then it has expanded north into Canada. And there’s a lot to celebrate about poetry. Not only does it express the thoughts and emotions of some of the greatest writers in human history, but there’s so much variety that there’s something for pretty much everyone. There are poems about philosophy. There are poems about food. There are poems about the philosophy of food—and love and life and walruses and pretty much everything in between. Poetry can be found everywhere in modern pop culture: from Interstellar to Watchmen to Breaking Bad. So take a chance—you might be pleasantly surprised.


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