Junior Achivement: Steeped Candle Co. 

Aoife Jones, Staff Writer
Edited by Victoria Chiu

At Steeped Candle Co., the proprietors continually strive to provide customers with enticingly scented soy candles while supporting the community. 


The candles they produce are made with soy because it’s been scientifically proven that soy candles burn 50% longer than the average name brand candle.


Sold at the affordable price of $10.00, the freshly made soy candles are available in the Cozy Coffee scents of French Vanilla and Cappuccino, Fresh Fruit Tea scents of Pomegranate Green Tea, Mango Milk Tea, and Black Raspberry Vanilla Tea, and Morning scented Oatmeal Milk Honey candle. Steeped Candles come in a 6 oz. hexagonal jar and can be re-lit for 20-30 hours of enjoyment.


Check them out next week from Monday to Wednesday in the atrium.

Contact Information:

Address: #200 World Trade Center 9900 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton AB

Email: steepedcandlecompany@gmail.com

Phone: (780) 803 9047




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