TV Times: Forever

Aoife Jones, Staff Writer
Edited by Victoria Chiu

What would you do if every time you died you awoke to find yourself in the middle of a river—naked? This show follows Dr. Henry Morgan, a two-hundred-year-old individual and an NYC medical examiner who helps the NYPD with his extensive knowledge of death by assisting in the solving of mysteries and murders. 


Henry has been trying to determine for centuries why he hasn’t aged or died and the secret of his immortality with the help of his best friend and son Abe, aged seventy-five. Over time, Henry has become increasingly concerned with finding an antidote to his problem. Each episode shows how Henry has faced similar cases in the past to what he faces in the present, as well as revealing a little more to the audience about the immortal doctor and what it’s really like to live “Forever.”


Henry works alongside Jo Martinez, an NYPD detective who has been fascinated with Henry since he survived certain death on a train crash. Henry, who has been close on many occasions to have his secret revealed, soon learns that he might not be the only immortal soul on Earth.


Now Dr. Henry Morgan must learn if he can stop living “forever” and finally leave this world in peace…and not return naked in the middle of a river.



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