TV Times: Scorpion

Aoife Jones, Staff Writer
Edited by Victoria Chiu

This show is based on the true(ish) story of one of the most intelligent people on the planet with an IQ of 197 (higher than Einstein’s): Walter O’Brien. The series itself centers around him and his team of eccentric geniuses who make up Scorpion: a team of misfits and a line of defense against high-tech threats of terrorism. 


Scorpion is comprised of Toby, a behaviorist; Happy, a mechanical prodigy; Sylvester, a statistics guru; CabeGallo, a federal agent (who isn’t a certified genius) and liaison between Scorpion and the threats of the modern age; and Paige, who, unlike the rest, is not a genius not a specialist in the defensive field; rather, she has a son who is gifted like the rest of the Scorpion team. These geniuses use their skills to save the world in a manner that’s perfect for them. Scorpion has become a group in which despite unconventional social skills, exceptional genius is accepted and adored as each member attempts to fit into a world they’ve never truly been a part of.

Despite the brain power that dominates this show, Scorpion is more than the solving national crises; rather, it also involves the crisis that each member faces in their everyday, personal lives.



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