Learning to See Creatively

Michael Bautista, Staff Writer
Photography has the power to freeze time, capturing some of life’s most beautiful events: from weddings and graduations *ahem ahem*, to selfies with friends and picture of food at restaurants that you’re just dying to post on Instagram, photography is always a reliable way to make some moments last forever. Whether you already consider yourself a VSCO wizard or are just starting to dabble in Polaroid instant photos, read on for some tips on making your next snapshot a little more memorable. You might learn something new!

  1. Always invest in a nice camera. Sure the latest iPhone has a great camera, but a DSLR will always give you stunning quality that a camera phone just can’t deliver. Regardless of what you use, always think in terms of framing. The “rule of thirds” thing you learned in com-tech class is actually one of the most pleasing and simple proportions to use, and it creates a nicely varied photo composition.
  2. When taking photos, some end up taking the shot from an angle that is way too high. Don’t just stand there; bend your knees a little! Aim to align the camera lens with the person’s eye so that they are resting on the same horizontal plane. That will produce a more natural and inviting photo. 
  3. Filters are great for posting on social media, but to get a more polished and professional look, Photoshop or some other photo editing software is preferred. Manually adjusting the contrast, shadows, saturation, and colour will enhance the photo much better as opposed to a pre-made filter. If Photoshop is a bit too pricey, try using GIMP, Illustrator, or Paint. 
  4. When it comes to taking photos, it’s crucial not only to capture the moment but to capture it in a way that preserves the mood and atmosphere of that moment. Photos are one of the best keepsakes that a person can have—they can transport you back in time and help you relive those special experiences.


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