TV Times: Veronica Mars

Aoife Jones, Staff Writer
Edited by Victoria Chiu

This show may have aired years ago, but it’s a classic that should be watched BY ALL! (Editor’s note: Aoife is very passionate about Veronica Mars.)

Veronica Mars is not your everyday teenage girl—well…maybe she was at one point, but after her best friend was murdered and her father accused the wrong guy, Veronica’s life has been in shambles. Now she dedicates her time to cracking this mystery, setting free her father and her best friend as her murderer is finally caught.


Being a high school student couldn’t be harder for Veronica as she went from the top to the bottom of the totem pole; with her new friend Wallace, Veronica helps solve the mysteries of her fellow classmates.


Although Veronica Mars was only on TV for three seasons before being cancelled by the network, Marshmallows (what Veronica Mar’s fans are called) have rallied with writer Rob Thomas for a while and finally got a feature film out of him through a Kickstarter project that raised two million dollars in less than ten hours.


☆ One thing of note: if you don’t ship #LoVe, don’t talk with me. #sorryPiz



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