What in the world is an “S-P-O-R-T”?

Steven Tian, Contributor
Edited by Victoria Chiu
A discussion with Mr. Rosselli prompted the idea for this article. MAC, in my opinion, is seriously lacking in team spirit. Smells like team spirit? (Yes, that was a Nirvana reference.) I don’t think so! It smells more like like calculators and art. When we compare the student turnout in support of our sports teams at events to other schools, we don’t quite measure up. According to Mr. Rosselli, we have extremely low turnout rates to games at our school—I’m talking in the single digits. It isn’t as if our teams are weak—we have plenty of fantastic teams that are making it to provincials and even progressing further. So why do we have such low turnout? To get to the bottom of the issue, I decided to approach this dilemma the way I do best: by going up to random students in the school and talking to them personally to get their opinions firsthand. Under the cut are my results from speaking to various tenth and eleventh grade students.

I started off by asking, “Have you attended any sports events at our school?”

I actually got some interesting responses to this question. The general trend was that guys mostly attended sporting events and girls tended not to. I focused on asking the groups sitting in the hallways that were heavily split by gender. The three groups that were made up of roughly equal numbers of both genders had 4/8, 2/8, and 7/10 group members attend any games this year. The male group I asked had an amazing 7/8 turnout to sports, while the two predominantly female groups had a respective 0/4 and 0/5 turnout. An additional note to this: it also turns out that literally every single sport they had attended had been either volleyball or basketball (one guy was in swimming, too). What was the result from our own staff writers, you might be asking? Well, even if you don’t care, I’m going to tell you. I asked three of our members, and all three laughed and said no, they had not attended any school sporting events. So, including me, 0/4 of the surveyed Macsource staff have attended any sports games. 

Time for question two: “What are our team colours?”

I don’t even know why I asked this, to be honest. I just felt that since students tended not to be too gung-ho about team spirit in general,they might not know the team colours. However, I was proven wrong when I was met with lots of very enthusiastic replies of PURPLE AND YELLOW/GOLD…which led to some fights over whether it was actually yellow or gold. If we care enough to fight over that, why can’t we be bothered to show our support for our teams and show up to their games?


My last question was “Do you feel that, as a school, we have enough team spirit?” and a comment inviting their thoughts on why crowd turnout was in decline.

The answer that most people gave was that while it would be nice to have more team spirit, the issue of our lack of it wouldn’t actually affect them enough for them to really take action and start attending games. When I asked why this was the case, I got a lot of responses along the lines of “I don’t have enough time.” 

Okay, listen. I’m in twelfth grade. I know how schedules work. You have enough time to watch a game at least once in the year—a lot of us just don’t want to make the effort. Some other reasons involved:

  • “School is more important, and I need to use the time to study or work on projects.”
  • “[Students] never hear about events; the advertising isn’t great and people don’t really pay attention during the announcements.”

On a random side note, I decided to do a survey on how many people attended Dramafest to compare athletics with the arts department! Full disclosure: I’m a drama student and this was important to me—but it was also because I wanted to see if an art event would be more popular. 4/4, 6/10, and 4/4 members respectively out of the groups I asked had attended. So, in total, 14/18 people attended Dramafest. So, what’s the difference? Is it just that drama is more interesting to people at MAC? Were the times and schedules better? Was it the incredible amount of posters that we drama kids posted everywhere we possibly could, including the washrooms? Overall, I think we can agree that our sports teams don’t get the support they deserve—but more importantly, that we don’t show as much team spirit as we really should.

Now, this is the important question. Is  this whole issue as important as I make it out to be? Should we start showing more school spirit? Should we start improving our attitudes towards our school and become more unified? Personally, it wouldn’t really affect me, nor would it really affect any other twelfth graders: we’re done a few months. This article is dedicated to the tenth and eleventh graders. Are you okay with going on at MAC for the next few years like this? Or would you be willing to put in the time to embrace your teams and immerse yourself in the school? It’s up to you guys—I just wanted to draw attention to this rather interesting subject. 

Just some food for thought. 


One thought on “What in the world is an “S-P-O-R-T”?

  1. Ace May 16, 2015 / 12:51 am

    Not necessarily true in regards to MAC lacking in team spirit. Being on the senior mens basketball team this year we were able to fill the gym for home games on multiple occasions. Even if there are only a few dozen people at the games, you wouldn’t be able to tell by the passion that the fans have. I’ve been to sporting events at other high schools where the only people in the stands at games are parents. I think MAC fares pretty well in school spirit considering that it is a middle-sized academic school where you would think sports would be non-existent. Especially within the tight-knit community of athletes we have who share a sense of pride—”MAC Pride” you could say.

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