You’ve Gotta See: Gypsy

Julia Stanski, Staff Writer 
Edited by Victoria Chiu

Frequently considered one of the best book musicals of 
the twentieth century, Gypsy (written by Stephen Sondheim, Jule Styne, and Arthur Laurents) follows the story of the ultimate stage mother, Mama Rose, and her obsession with making her daughters into stars. Rose is one of the best female roles for an actress to ever play: she is a psychologically complex and challenging character who carries the whole show. She was originated by legendary belter Ethel Merman, and has since been played by stars like Patti LuPone and Bernadette Peters. As a Sondheim, this show is as far from fluff as you can get, with a stellar and intelligent libretto exploring themes like ambition, parent-child relationships and the costs of success. With eight Tony nominations in 1960, Gypsy gives us the unbeatably energetic number “Everything’s Coming up Roses”, the charming and catchy “All I Need is the Girl” and the climactic tour de force “Rose’s Turn”Watch this for a lesson in musical theatre at its best—powerful, nuanced, intricate, and life-altering.


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