Cappies Nominations

Julia Stanski, Staff Writer
Edited by Victoria Chiu

This was a very exciting week for the high school drama community. On the evening of May 19, this year’s Cappies nominations were announced. For anyone who doesn’t know, this is basically like the Tony Awards or the Oscars of Edmonton high school theatre. Five nominees per category are chosen from twenty-two shows for things like Best Lighting, Sets, Vocalist, Supporting Actor, and Critic Team. MAC received an awesome eleven nominations, up from last year’s nine! If you saw The Pajama Game in December, lots of deserving performers from the show are being recognized. Here are our nominees!

  • The Pajama Game Orchestra for Best Orchestra
  • Kristen Thomas and Julia Stanski for Best Choreography
  • Navneet Chand for Featured Actor
  • Kristen Thomas for Female Dancer
  • Hubert Piatkowski for Male Dancer
  • Stetson Poulin for Male Vocalist
  • Martina Elegino for Supporting Actress
  • Everyone from the number “Hernando’s Hideaway” for Best Song
  • Julia Stanski for Top Grade 11 Critic
  • Morgan Sosniuk for Top Grade 12 Critic
  • The entire MAC Cappies Team for Top Critic Team

A big congratulations and good luck to all of our nominees! Awards will be given out at the Cappies Gala at the Citadel on Sunday, June 7. If you weren’t in the show but would like to attend, talk to Miss Williams about buying a ticket ($30).


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