Ageism: A Timeless Issue

Michael Bautista, Staff Writer
Edited by Victoria Chiu

Discrimination due to age: it’s a growing concern, particularly with the youth. Unfortunately, it’s a deeply ingrained societal and cultural phenomenon that is almost impossible to eliminate—at least for now. However, us youth should do as much as we can to try to combat ageism and show adults that we don’t belong at the kids’ table.

One reason why discrimination against youth exists is because some people believe that youth are not competent enough and lack the sophisticated thought process necessary to participate in such activities reserved for adults only—there is an air of mistrust. One must remember that the youth form a bright young generation teeming with potential, and they are more mature than one might think. Of course there are those that really have no respect for others, but do not forget that there are many more mature teenagers out there. It is similar for the adults. Of course there are many who are right-minded and respectful, but there are also scores that seem to think that anyone under the age of twenty-five is out to wreak havoc.

Ageism is a serious matter, as it’s a form of discrimination that has been part of society for decades and little has been done to combat it. The main solution is to simply have mutual respect for each other. Be civil—it’s as simple as that.


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